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Join us today! Find out the admission requirements and application process to the course of your choice.

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Step 1: Submit the following documents (via email or in person):

Step 2: Book a test date (2 working days in advance preferred)

Step 3: Make payment for Admissions Tests Fee (non-refundable)

Step 4: Sit for Admissions Tests (English and Mathematics). General Ability Test or Science Test may be required

Step 5: Wait for results which will be released within 7 working days

Step 6: Attend Interview

Eligible for Admissions: A Letter of Offer, PEI-Student Contract and Payment Quotations will be issued to the student/parents/guardian

Step 7:

(Step 7 is to be completed within 14 days from Letter of Offer date)

PEI-Student Contract: 2 sets of the Student Contract will be issued to student/parent/guardian

Step 8: Sign and return 2 sets of the Student Contract

Student’s Pass application is approved

Step 9: Make full payment of course fees within 7 days from IPA date

Step 10: Receive a copy of the IPA from school (by email)

Step 11: Complete admissions formalities in the school

(Steps 9, 10 & 11 are to be completed within 14 days from IPA date)

Not eligible for Admissions? You may submit an appeal letter and request for an appointment

Rejecting our Offer? Inform the Admissions Office in writing


  • 2 recent passport-sized photographs with white background (if by scanned email, it must be in JPEG Format)
  • Copy of Student’s Pass / Cancellation Slip from previous school
  • Copy of Birth Certificate**
  • Copy of the Student’s Passport (valid for at least 12 months)
  • Copies of the Parents’ Passports
  • Past one year Academic Transcripts and Certificates** (school stamp required)
  • Parents’ Marriage/Divorce Certificate/Death Certificate**
  • Household Register (if applicable)**
  • Immigration Forms V16 and V36: Please download the forms from our Downloads page.

Additional Documents to be submitted for Countries Requiring Visa (Bangladesh, China, Myanmar and India)

  • Bank Saving statement (minimum SGD30,000)
    (Financial document in the form of bank statement / fixed deposit account / saving account – valid for at least 6 months)**
  • Parents’ Employment / Statements ** (Company stamp required) (Declaration of father and mother’s monthly salary and position)

**Please ensure that all documents are officially translated

Applications with incomplete documents will delay the admission process



The Admissions Tests are conducted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Academic Term Term Starting Date Suggested Test Date
Term 1 4 January Before 4 December (of previous year)
Term 2 20 March Before 20 February
Term 3 27 June Before 27 May
Term 4 11 September Before 11 August


  1. Enrolment into SFMS is subject to meeting the course entry or admissions criteria and the availability of study place for the specific course at the time of official application.
  2. Incomplete submission or inaccurate information during application may affect the outcome of your application and may result in a delay in the processing of application.
  3. Applications received after the suggested test dates may not be processed on time for students to commence their studies on the first week of the new academic term.


All charges are expressed in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and are inclusive of GST.

These fees are payable per student and are adjusted annually.

AY 2017 Term 1 Fee Schedule

AY 2017 Term 3 Fee Schedule

AY 2017 Term 2 Fee Schedule

AY 2017 Term 4 Fee Schedule

Fees to be released nearer Term 4 commencement date.