I joined SFMS as a Secondary One Student in 2015. When I opted for the ‘O’ Level programme in Year 9, that step brought me closer to my ambition of studying engineering in a Singapore university. I was elated when I achieved my desired results in the external ‘O’ Level examination. Currently, I am a Year One student at Nanyang Junior College, studying the subjects of my choice: Physics, Mathematics, Computing and Economics. I am, and will forever, be indebted to SFMS.

While at SFMS, I participated in many school activities. I hold these experiences very dear to my heart, because not only did they allow me to foster and strengthen bonds with my peers, but they also gave me more self-confidence and unbridled my true potential. I am infinitely thankful to have met so many supportive teachers who guided me and gave me many opportunities.

English was a subject that I was constantly working on throughout my five years in SFMS. With extensive support from my parents, teachers and friends, I have overcome my lack of confidence in English. I have developed an immense sense of appreciation for the art of writing. Mr Simon Khoo, my English teacher at SFMS, taught me the importance of elaboration and provided me with clear explanations.

I feel blessed to have been a part of the school and to have grown up in an environment as diverse yet as inclusive as SFMS. It is undeniable that my life would have been entirely different and less exciting in many ways if I had not come to SFMS.

Akrapong Kiatkrongchayin, GCE ‘O’ Level Graduate (8 Distinctions, L1R5 7 Points)