Character and Values Education (CVE)

Having the right values is not enough. Students need to also have the right skill set and courage to act on those values. CVE is an integrated curriculum to inculcate good character and develop sound values, through both structured learning experiences and incidental learning moments, to effectively meet the personal and social (well-being) needs of our students.

Time is set aside every week for CVE, for explicit teaching and learning for character, core values and SEL competencies, Christian values, preparation for commemorative events and service learning projects, etc.  Time is also given to the Care Teachers to mentor and ensure the welfare and well-being of students under their care.

SFMS has adopted and adapted our character development curriculum from Character First Education. The curriculum develops the skills and abilities necessary to help students grow in character. It teaches them how to effectively communicate and work with others to accomplish goals and live a life consistent with their beliefs.