IBDP Students' Blood Donation Experience

6 of our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme students from Class 12D1 were at the Westgate Blood Donation Centre on 19 March to
donate blood, and 4 donated successfully. This blood donation effort was also part of their Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) module. Despite the apprehension they had as first-time donors, these students went through the entire process bravely, knowing that what they were doing can help save someone’s life. They were accompanied by their teacher, Ms Chong Choon Lee, who is a repeat donor herself.

“I took courage and told myself to face the challenge. After the doctor examined me, I waited to be called. When it was my turn, I was told to make myself comfortable on the thickly cushioned reclining chair while the nurse
prepared to apply anaesthetic to my arm. I tried to be as relaxed as possible. Surprisingly, it did not hurt at all when the nurse inserted the big needle.
It took about 5-10 minutes for the blood bag to be completely full. I was so comfortable on the seat and did not feel any pain at all! After donating, we moved to the refreshment area to drink sweet drinks and eat snacks to replenish our energy. I was delighted that the blood I had donated will be able to save 3 lives! Now I am confident that I will donate blood again. I intend to become a regular donor so that I can help save many more lives.”

Christasya Amelie, Year 12 IBDP student