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Our Heritage & Milestones

St Francis Methodist School (SFMS) has come a long way since its beginning as a school for girls founded by Mrs Harriet T Doraisamy in 1960. With her unstinting dedication, tenacity and resolve, the pioneering class of 27 girls evolved into a lasting legacy that has seen thousands of young minds venture into the adult world. With God’s grace, SFMS has grown into a mature and well-respected institution with a reputation for all-round excellence and a caring environment. When Mrs Doraisamy retired in 1994, she handed the school over to The Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS). In 1995, due to the uncertainties surrounding the transition, only 30 students and less than five staff members remained from the girls’ school. Because of the good foundation Mrs Doraisamy had laid for the school, MCS was able to further her vision and open up new educational possibilities. Boosted by the energy and enthusiasm of staff with a passion for education, SFMS grew steadily over the years.

During an era where the standard fast-track route was the norm, SFMS broke new ground by making education accessible to everyone, including those in need of a second chance. By accepting both local and overseas students who may not be able to find a place in government schools, SFMS unlocked their doors to hundreds of students with academic potential, filling a significant niche in Singapore’s still-evolving education system in the mid-1990s. SFMS also attracted many good students with its gentler and more holistic approach to education that placed equal emphasis on moral as well as academic development.

Indeed, the distinctive hallmark of the SFMS till today is its flexible approach to education that gives students the option of choosing from several academic journeys that included the Pearson Edexcel International GCSE programme, Upper Secondary Australian Matriculation Programme (AUSMAT) or Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Levels, the Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level or Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) as well as Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma course. It is this flexibility that makes SFMS an attractive educational institution to students from foreign countries, which make up the majority of the school’s student body. Till today, SFMS continues to offer this diversity of educational choices without compromising on quality.

SFMS has remained a relatively small school with an emphasis on “family”. The cornerstone of SFMS is the education of the soul – parents who send their children here know that this is a school that wants to turn out students of good character, who will be useful members of society. With Methodist values at the core of the school’s approach to character development, a comprehensive pastoral care programme, as well as chapel, devotions and daily prayers, are as much part of school life at SFMS as academic lectures and group discussions. This caring, accepting environment that nurtures the whole person is what makes SFMS unique, for the school aims to bring out the best in its students by accepting them for what they are and imbuing them with confidence and can-do spirit which allows them to follow their dreams and soar to new heights.

As SFMS continues to grow and make greater strides in the millennium, it does so with sails at full mast, bolstered by winds of hope and optimism. Knowing that competition is here to stay, the school strives to be relevant and adapt to the needs of society, while remaining firmly committed to the aim of making education accessible to all. With a cosmopolitan team hailing from different countries, the hard work and dedication of both the teaching and administrative staff will continue to steer SFMS to a successful future.

As we live by faith according to the grace of God, we will be able to survive and even triumph over change and adversity. May God bless SFMS as we seek to grow in His glory.


1960 - 2019


The founding of St Francis Girls’ School by Mrs H Doraisamy, with 27 girls in its first batch of pupils. The ‘O’ Level programme was introduced.


The school terminated the secondary and ‘O’ Level intake and became a pre-university institution.


The Language Centre was created to support the students coming in from around the region, and to enrich the language of the students already studying in Singapore.


The Performing Arts Department held its first musical, Showcase, at the John Wesley Centre.


In January, SFMS attained People Developer status and in November, it attained the Innovation Class certification.


SFMS produced a broadcast quality original drama on film starring students and teachers of the school entitled My Class, My Family which was screened as a gala premiere at Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel on 26 August 2006.


New Vision & Mission statements were introduced.

The introduction of the Australian Lower and Upper Secondary Programme. Movie production of Guard Father which was screened as a gala premiere at the Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel, on 21 September 2009.


SFMS obtained the 4 years EduTrust certification

(Validity: 28 October 2011 – 27 October 2015).


SFMS introduced the Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level (IAL) programme.

SFMS was successful in the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) audit and the certification was renewed

(Validity: 2 November 2014 – 1 November 2018).

SFMS was awarded the Palm Award and Silver Award in the School Green Awards organized by the Singapore Environment Council.


SFMS was awarded the Lotus Award in the School Green Awards organized by the Singapore Environment Council on 10 November 2016.

St Francis Methodist School was awarded Centre of Excellence Award in September 2016 by Pearson Education Limited for the efforts put in to produce high achievers in the recent Pearson Edexcel Examinations in 2016.


SFMS was awarded the Singapore Kopsia Award in the SEC-Starhub School Green Awards organized by the Singapore Environmental Council on 5 November 2018.


The ‘A’ level programme was introduced.


The Methodist Church of Singapore took over the school, which moved to Mt Sophia and was renamed St Francis Methodist School. With Mr Earnest Lau at the helm as Principal, the school became co-educational and included ‘N’ Level, ‘O’ Level and London ‘O’ Level courses.


The school moved to its present campus at 492 Upper Bukit Timah Road. It began offering the AUSMAT programme and soon after, the St Francis Baccalaureate, and BTEC Higher National Diploma (Business).


In August, SFMS was among the first seven educational institutions to be awarded the Singapore Quality Class for Private Educational Organisations (SQC for PEO) by SPRING Singapore.


In March, SFMS attained CaseTrust accreditation and in August, the BS-7799.


Mrs Lenie Cho was appointed as Principal of SFMS.


SFMS attained Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) accreditation administered by the Council of Private Education (CPE) (Validity: 8 December 2010 – 7 December 2014).


One of the first education institutions to embrace Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) through BizSAFE programmes, SFMS obtained the Level 3 of WSH BizSAFE certification on 17 March 2013.


One of the first education institutions to embrace Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) through BizSAFE programmes, SFMS obtained the Level 4 WSH BizSAFE Certification on 6 July 2015.


Mr. Charles Tong was appointed as Principal of SFMS.

23 SFMS students were recognized with Outstanding Pearson Learning Awards 2017.

Mr. Hau Boon Huat was awarded Inaugural Outstanding Teacher Award 2017 for Pearson Edexcel International Qualification.

SFMS was awarded Center of Excellence for delivering Pearson Edexcel International Qualification.

SFMS was awarded the Lotus Award in the School Green Awards organized by the Singapore Environment Council on 8 November 2017.