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Holistic Education

At SFMS, we believe that education should
not be limited to academic achievements.


Focusing on both academic and non-academic
areas, we provide a wide range of programmes
to ensure that our students are well-equipped
with the necessary skills and knowledge
to propel them to greater heights.


We also strive to instil good moral values, develop and
cultivate the students to bring out the best in them.

Interest Groups

Besides an effective teaching programme, St Francis Methodist School provides a wide variety of Interest Groups to ensure that there is opportunity for all students to develop their potential and excel in their areas of interest. The Interest Groups allow quality student-student and student-teacher interactions, improving the bonding among students and teachers.

It also gives students a chance to pursue their interest and develop their talents further. The activities conducted by the Interest Groups are held on Fridays from 3.30 p.m. onwards. Students are encouraged to join at least one interest group.

Active Interest Groups

Sports and Fitness Arts and Performance Special interests
Badminton Club Art Club Chinese Cultural Club
Basketball Club Dance Club D.I.Y. Club
Soccer Club Photography Club Environmental Green Club
Table Tennis Club Jammers Club Info Comm Club
Fitness Club Ukulele Club Service Learning Club

Pastoral Care

St Francis Methodist School officially adopted the You Can Do It! (YCDI) model as the framework for its pastoral care programme in 2008. The YCDI programme was developed by Professor Michael E Bernard, a Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Faculty of Education. The YCDI programme has been used in over 6,000 schools in Australia, New Zealand, England and North America.

The core purpose of the YCDI programme is the development of young people’s social and emotional capabilities, including Confidence (academic, social), Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along, and Emotional Resilience.

Although the YCDI curriculum is taught weekly during the Pastoral Care periods, the development of our students through this programme is also extended to Community Involvement Programmes (CIP), chapel, daily morning devotions and other subjects-based lessons. Students are also given the opportunity to further internalise the 5 foundations through their involvement in various school activities such as SFMS family carnival, outdoor camps, interest groups, student council, learning journeys and overseas trips.

Outdoor Learning Activities

SFMS organizes outdoor camping and learning activities for our students, providing them with first-hand learning opportunities. These camps allow students the opportunity to work together as a team and develop better communication skills. Through the camps, they will also build confidence and self-management skills. More often than not, leadership skills are also inculcated and enhanced through such out-of-the-classroom experiences. Other outdoor activities, such as trips to local attractions, visits to factories or farms, etc, also enhance holistic education in students, complementing classroom learning.

Through these enjoyable activities, students obtain a wider view of the world as well as understand the 5 SFMS Pastoral Care Values (Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along, Resilience) at a deeper level.

Student Exchange Programmes

At SFMS, we provide opportunities for students to participate in local and overseas student exchange programmes.

Through these programmes, our students can make many new friends and increase their exposure to different cultures. Such programmes have been proven to improve their communication skills, broaden their global perceptives, as well as improve their understanding of other cultures.

SFMS is organising 3 overseas trips / cultural exchange programmes for students in 2017.

For more information on these overseas trips, please click here.

You may click to view the sample itineraries for the respective overseas trips:
United Kingdom