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Find out more about our school’s policies and procedures.

For any queries, please do not hesitate to approach our student representative via email



A dispute exists when two or more people see their needs or values as incompatible.  In the classroom, the Care Teacher and/or School Counsellor can act as a mediator in resolving the disputes that could arise. On a wider scale, Head of Department, Managers and Senior Management can be deployed to seek restitution for a dispute within the school community. If there is an issue that needs addressing with a member of the public, the Senior Management would be involved in addressing any dispute that may arise. If need be, an external agency can be engaged to bring about a consensus so that a win-win situation is arrived for all parties concerned.



Students can fill up the feedback form, email or make an appointment to see the Head of Department, Vice Principal or Principal if they feel that a dispute needs addressing. The dispute may arise from issues involving:

(a) retention,
(b) suspension,
(c) expulsion
(d) awards
(e) school fees refund
(f) others

All parties are given the option to seek redress for any issues that they feel have disadvantaged them.

All students are welcomed to speak to any member of the Senior Management regarding issues they face in the classroom or in the school in general.

In the case of staff, they can email or have a face-to-face session with the personnel which is usually a Senior Staff or member of the Senior Management assigned to mediate. Members of the public can contact the school directly via email or make an appointment to meet with the principal or Vice Principal.

All disputes (including feedback/complaints) will be attended to or acknowledged to within 3 to 7 working days from the date received.

The school will inform the complainant or person giving the feedback of the action(s) taken where feasible and that it is committed to work towards a resolution within 21 working days where feasible.

For matters that remain unresolved, the complainant may refer to CPE Mediation-Arbitration Scheme or seek Small Claims Tribunals (SCT) for redress.



  • Emails
  • Written on feedback form
  • A written letter
  • Face-to-face with personnel concerned

There is a Suggestion Box placed within SFMS, one at Level 4 where students, parents or staff can drop their feedback and suggestions.

REFUND POLICY (Updated 15th Feb 2019)


SFMS shall refund the entire amount of the Course Fees and Miscellaneous Fees already paid within seven (7) working days after notifying the Student if:

  • it fails, for any reason, to commence the Course on Course Commencement Date;
  • it terminates the Course, for any reason, prior to the Course Commencement Date;
  • it fails, for any reason, to complete the Course by the Course Completion Date;
  • it terminates the Course, for any reason, prior to Course Completion Date;
  • it has not ensured that the Student meets the course entry or matriculation requirement set by the organisation stated in Schedule A within any stipulated timeline set by CPE; or
  • the Student’s Pass application is rejected by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).



Where the Student withdraws from the Course for any reason other than those stated above, the School shall within seven (7) working days of receiving the notice of withdrawal, refund to students an amount based on the table below:


% of (the amount of the fees paid under Schedules B and C) If student’s fully completed request for withdrawal is received:
[75%] (“Maximum Refund”) More than [14] days before Course Commencement Date
[50%] Before, but not more than [14] days before the Course Commencement Date
[30%] After, but not more than [7] days after the Course Commencement Date
[15%] More than [7] days after the Course Commencement Date, but not more than [30] days after the Course Commencement Date
[0%] More than [30] days after the Course Commencement Date


1. Course Application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable
2. Refunds (if any) will be processed within 7 working days upon:
Where withdrawal is initiated by student
a. Full submission of transfer/clearance Form signed by parent/guardian if the student is below 18 years old.
b. The date of notification from parent’s / guardian’s (if the absence of parent’s/guardian’s signature).
Where withdrawal is initiated by school
a. The date of notification from SFMS to students.


SFMS shall provide the Student with a Cooling-off period of [7] working days after the date that the Contract has signed by both parties.  The Student will be refunded the highest

percentage (stated in Table above) of the fees already paid if the Student submits a written notice of withdrawal to the PEI within the cooling-off period, regardless of whether the Student has started the course or not.



The above fees will refund in full to the student within thirty (30) working days of receiving notice of over payment in line with the School’s usual payment cycle of our invoices.

TRANSFER / WITHDRAWAL POLICY (Updated 15th Feb 2019)


Course transfer means a student changes the course of study but remains as a student of SFMS. The request for transfer from one course to another within SFMS will only be considered if the Transfer of Course Application Form is duly completed and signed by the Student and Parent/ Guardian (applicable for student below age 18 years old).


A student must satisfy SFMS that he/she has a genuine reason to request for a transfer. The grounds for transfer may be due to, but not limited to the following circumstances:


  • the student is not coping with the original course;
  • insufficient student number in a course leading to cancellation of classes
  • Teachers/Parent/Guardian considers the transfer of  course to be in the student’s best interest;
  • School offers promotion to eligible students;


It is not the Policy of the school to exercise any ‘forced’ transfer under any circumstances. The transfer of course application will be assessed and the outcome will be made known to the student within 14 working days.

If the Transfer of Change request is approved, SFMS will have to terminate the existing PEI-Student Contract and sign a new PEI-Student Contract.

SFMS will have to inform FPS service providers and relevant government agencies of any change in the student’s status that may affect the existing Student Pass.  The application for a new student pass will be subject to the approval of ICA.




For promotions or course transfers initiated by students/parents/guardians, additional fees will be incurred and the student will have to bear the non-refundable costs e.g. student pass processing fee, fee protection scheme insurance fee and additional school fees payable (if applicable). The computation of the difference in fee or refund will be provided to the students/parents/guardians.


However, where the transfer of course is due to school’s reason such as insufficient student number in a course or class or the inability of the school to continue with the course and should the student agrees to the change of course under such circumstance, the school will bear the student pass processing fee, fee protection scheme insurance fee and cost of text books of the new course and the student will not be required to pay for any difference in the school fee.



Withdrawal refers to the situation where the student contract would be terminated and the student is no longer a student of SFMS.

The request to withdraw will only be considered if the Clearance Form is duly completed and signed by the Student and Parent/ Guardian (applicable for student below age 18 years old).

The request to withdrawal can also be made in writing and/or transmitted to the School via e-mail addressed to the Principal or Vice-Principal;

Withdrawal requests will only be processed when consent in writing is received from the parent or guardian, particularly if the student is below 18 years old is received;

An international student has to return his/ her student pass to the school for cancellation. The school will cancel the student pass within 7 working days from the effective withdrawal date indicated on the form. The student contract is deemed cancelled upon the cancellation of student pass.

The time frame to assess or process the withdrawal request will be within 14 working days.



Clearances from Finance, Facilities and Learning Resource Centre have to be received. Any outstanding fees or additional fee (if applicable) must be paid before the departure of student so that the school can return the progress report file to the student.

Outstanding fees may include discounts or rebates given to the student for a full term of study. This would be forfeited and recovered back from the student if the student withdraws prematurely from the school.

In addition, student on instalment scheme is expected to pay the balance of the fees before leaving the school;

Where the withdrawal request is received within 30 days of commencement of the course, the student will be eligible for refund in accordance to the refund policy spelt out in the student contract.

Where applicable, the student will be refunded according to the Refund Table printed in the PEI-Student Contract within 7 working days from the effective withdrawal date.


FEE PROTECTION SCHEME (FPS) (Updated 15th Feb 2019)


a) St Francis Methodist School (SFMS) being an Edu-Trust Certified Private Education Institution is required to adopt the FPS to provide protection to school fees paid by our students.

b) The FPS serves to protect the international and local students’ school fees in the event SFMS is unable to continue operations due to insolvency, and/or regulatory closure. In addition, the FPS also protects the students if SFMS fails to pay penalties or return fees to the students arising from judgements made against it by the Singapore courts.

c) SFMS adopts FPS in the form of insurance facility and the insurance cover will be purchased from Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd. The protected total school fees comprise the following:

i. Course fee;
ii. Student Pass Processing fee;
iii. Examination/Moderation fees;
iv. Course Material fees and
v. Enrichment Programme fee.



All students covered under FPS may pay their fees (in SGD) through the following methods:

i. Cashier’s Order;
ii. Cheque;
iii. Bank Draft;
iv. NETS;
v. Telegraphic Transfer and
vi. Credit Cards (VISA & MasterCard)


Procedure Instructions:

Implementation of FPS:

The following procedure is strictly followed in implementing the FPS in St Francis Methodist School:

a) Upon receipt of the school fees, FPS insurance will be purchased on-line from the service provider (Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd), in any case no later than seven working (7) days from date of receipt of school fees.

b) The start date for the cover of the FPS takes effect from the date of the School submits the purchase request, regardless the start date of the course.

c) The school applies the Certificate of Insurance (COI) online and furnish a hard copy of the COI to the students.

d) The student is also required to acknowledge receipt of the COI by signing on a hard copy of the COI.

Cancellation of FPS Insurance:

a) Should a student change from a course of study in the school, defers the start date of the course or withdraws from the course of study, the school will proceed to cancel the insurance on-line within seven (7) working days from date of notification of withdrawal or cancellation of student pass.

b) A new FPS must be purchased for each student who changes the course of study or transfer to another course half way in the academic year or re-enrol in a new course at the beginning of the academic year.

SFMS is not required to purchase FPS insurance:

i. if a Student attends the English Immersion Programme, Exchange Programme, Summer Camp, School visit or School Visit cum Immersion for duration of not more than 30 days;

ii. for examination fees of additional subjects over the prescribed minimum number of subjects in each Course or re-sitting of subjects.

iii. for examination fees that is collected of less than 2 months.

View Master Certificate of Insurance (Fee Protection Scheme):


Under EduTrust’s requirements, all students need to purchase medical insurance throughout their entire course of studies.


At SFMS, all international and local Students are automatically insured under a Group Medical Insurance Cover of not less than S$20,000 per student, B2-ward hospital treatment in government or restructured hospitals and 24-hour personal accident cover in Singapore and overseas (if the Student is involved in school-related activities) throughout the course duration.


SFMS has appointed Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd to be its medical insurance provider.

View Master Certificate of Insurance (Student Medical Insurance):