We are from the Philippines. I enrolled our son, Jin Zhehao, in SFMS in 2019. We got to know about SFMS from an advertisement in “Singapore Eye”.

Our son has benefited from the primary programme at SFMS. I believe that what he learnt in English class has shaped his preference for English TV shows. The Makerspace course has sparked his interest in new technologies and apps. He can figure out quickly how a certain app is used.

There is a good balance of academic (e.g. English and Science) and non-academic (e.g. Makerspace, Music, Character & Values) courses that equip students with the necessary skills to help them grow into successful adults.

On this momentous occasion, I wish to send my congratulations to all SFMS faculty and staff members. For 60 years, the school and its dedicated faculty members have tirelessly helped countless individuals achieve academic excellence and character development that led to their leading successful and rewarding lives.

Please accept my best wishes for an enjoyable celebration and continued success.

Mr & Mrs Edwin Guinto, parents of Jin Zhehao (Year 6)