I joined SFMS in 2013. The lure of working with a diverse enrolment of many nationalities, and celebration of different cultures was hard to resist. SFMS has come a long way since I joined. Over the years, SFMS has strengthened its focus on character development. This is something I applaud. I believe a strong emphasis on values education, where their hearts are developed along with their heads, will better prepare our students to succeed in life.

In nurturing students, I use personal stories to help them overcome their fears when they are facing problems. Once, a student was under pressure before one of our Methodist Cup competitions. He expressed how disappointed he would be if he were to fumble in front of goal which could lead the team to lose the game and eventually the tournament.

“I hope we can win the Methodist Cup,” he said to me. This became a teachable moment as I assured him and the team that if they had tried their best, they would always be winners in my eyes. I shared with them also that failure is part and parcel of life and how they overcome that failure will determine how successful they will be in the future.

My fondest memories of SFMS will have to be winning the Methodist Cup Soccer Competition in 2016. Despite numerous obstacles, our soccer boys beat all odds to emerge victorious. The hard work, gladiatorial ethos and the experience of exemplifying our school’s core values saw us through to remain undefeated throughout the tournament. The championship medal that we earned was our first-ever in the history of SFMS!

The satisfaction in reaching out to students and helping them find direction and purpose in education is what fuels my passion for teaching every day. I feel a deep sense of joy when I see my students doing well in life, years after they have graduated.

Mr Sri Ganesh Yuwen Raman, ICT cum Physical Education Teacher, Interest Group Coordinator