Time flies indeed for me, this year being my tenth year in SFMS! I can still clearly remember the events that took place when I first arrived at SFMS in 2010. Throughout these years, seeing my students graduate with good results gives me the greatest satisfaction and joy in teaching, and when I see them continue their higher education in Accounting, it gives me unspeakable joy.

To me, teaching is a rewarding career as I am able to share my knowledge with students and I can empathise with what they are going through. A few years ago, I had a very rebellious Year 9 student in my Accounting class. Initially, she was rather noisy and disruptive in class, but I was able to awaken her interest in Accounting with each passing lesson, and finally, I managed to get her to pay attention in class. She was a bright student and she even topped the class in the subject that year. This student has inspired me and strengthened my belief that I can make a difference in my students’ lives by letting them know that I care for them and I am committed to teach them well. Among all my classes, I have fond memories of a particular class of highly active students. There was a lot of laughter in the class, and learning and teaching was so joyful. I found ways to motivate them to study better and harder, and I am happy for them that they are currently pursuing their university education.

Over the years, I have seen myself growing professionally, gaining more knowledge and experience with each passing year at SFMS. I learned that when a teacher is passionate about her subject and accompanies students with empathy on their quest for knowledge, students will naturally desire to learn. Destiny works in a way to put circumstances and opportunities that are most in harmony with who we are. It is the love for teaching Accounting and destiny that have brought me to SFMS. So, on a personal basis, SFMS is God’s blessing to me, and I thank God for that.

Ms Beatrice Tan, Head of WACE & Accounting Teacher