I was in the WACE programme. After my graduation, I enrolled in the University of Nottingham to study International Business and Management.

I have wonderful memories of my time in the school. I particularly enjoyed studying and mingling with friends from different parts of the world. I had classmates from Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Africa.

I am thankful for the inspiring and dedicated teachers who have made a significant impact on my life. My Care Teacher, Madam Teo Peck Hoon, was always caring. Her devotion to her Christian beliefs also inspired me to walk close to God. There was also Mr Eric Yeong, my Accounting teacher, who instilled in me the love for Accounting. He was the reason why I opted for Accounting and Business-related majors at the university. I am happy to see that after so many years, he is still teaching today and making a difference in the lives of many more students at SFMS.

These memories and positive learning experiences at SFMS have contributed to my growth, allowing me to access ample opportunities to work overseas with global perspectives — something that I would not have if I had not studied here.

Having been blessed with such experiences and opportunities, I desire to be a blessing to the new generation of learners and potential leaders of our societies. That was why I chose to return to SFMS — as a staff member — in 2013. I want to share my overseas study experience with SFMS students and guide them in choosing their academic pathways and life choices.

Over the last few years, I am glad that the school has grown in so many ways — student enrolment has doubled and there are so many exciting developments. I am thrilled at what the future holds for the school. I love what I am doing and I’m glad I can play a role in helping students

Ms Hazel Cui Ying, Alumna of SFMS