COVID-19 has led to psychological distress among people in the general population. The pandemic has escalated the burden of psychological distress for an International Thai student Patsavee, including anxiety and depression. He has, however, learned how to overcome, developed, and matured as a young adult during his study in St Francis Methodist School while attending the school’s newest course International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. 

Despite a demanding curriculum and a hectic schedule, Patsavee, who used to study late into the night and sometimes would go without food and water because he was so engaged in his studies, has become calmer, more positive, and able to take challenges in his stride.

Before joining the IB programme in SFMS, Patsavee was always worried about his studies and his future. He would get into misunderstandings with his classmates as he had difficulties expressing his feelings and thoughts. IB programme has developed his confidence and made him a more precise thinker and a better communicator, more aware of his own needs and those of others. The program has enhanced social and emotional competencies, including improving self-esteem and developing empathy and respect. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. Setting goals, managing change, self-discovery, and learning about self-regulation and behaviour are important skills for effective classroom learning.

Doing research for his internal assessment and extended essay were very tough for someone who was meticulous and needed more time to process information than his peers. However, with support from the school and classmates, he persevered and put into practice some of the life skills he learned through the program. Fuelled by the encouragement of those around him and with the support of his family back in Thailand, Patsavee managed his emotion and eventually graduated with an outstanding of 39 points, which is above the world average of 32.73. Patsavee felt fortunate to be in a safe environment like Singapore. He appreciates the efforts of the Singapore Government and school in extending unwavering support to International students like himself. He managed to achieve his academic goals. He plans to pursue further studies in a Thailand university and join his parent's family business when he graduates.

Patsavee Srivitidkul , IBDP Graduate, 39 Points