I joined SFMS in 2018 with my sister, Marsha. We are from Malaysia. I was 13 and my sister was 14 when we enrolled. My parents searched for a school that we could join. Of all the choices that they found, SFMS was the best fit for us. We are both enrolled in the Cambridge IGCSE programme.

One of the things we enjoy most about life at SFMS is that the teachers here always ensure that the students are able to understand the things they teach. Whenever we have questions about a certain topic, our teachers are always willing to go out of their way to make sure that our questions are answered.

Apart from studying, both Marsha and I are participants of the Handball Club Interest Group, which is one of the many interest groups provided by SFMS. Besides that, we are also members of the Student Council.

Another thing that we enjoy about life in the school is the fact that all the students come from different countries, with different backgrounds. The diversity of students enables us to learn more about the various cultures in the world and we are able to build friendships with a whole lot of different people.

We are very glad that we joined SFMS. We do not think that we would be able to have the same experience that we are having if we had continued studying in our home country or joined a different school. We would not have been able to meet wonderful friends and people from all over the world and would not have been able to obtain the level of education that we are receiving now. We see ourselves graduating from SFMS and enrolling in renowned universities to continue our education. We hope to develop into people that our teachers and parents can be proud of.

Qaisy Mikail bin Ismail, IGCSE Student