I joined SFMS in 2017 when I was twelve after graduating from a Japanese primary school in Singapore. My family moved here because of my father’s job transfer. My parents and I were attracted to the well-rounded education with various academic courses offered by SFMS.

When I first came to Singapore, I neither spoke nor understood English. The first few months in SFMS were the toughest because I had difficulty speaking in English and I hardly understood the lessons. Fortunately, I had a motivating Care Teacher, who was also my English teacher, and English-speaking friends, who guided me. I listened carefully to how people speak and tried to use phrases that I heard. Practising this regularly increased my vocabulary and improved my pronunciation. I gradually started to understand English conversations and I had almost no problem by the end of that year.

Aside from academic activities, I am also involved in the Student Council. It has been helping me to improve myself as a person and it gives me numerous opportunities to give back to the school. Additionally, activities in interest groups nurtured values and qualities that cannot be directly learnt from textbooks.

One of the best things in SFMS is the community that makes up the school. There are so many supportive and inspiring teachers who conduct really exciting classes. Then, there is a huge pool of students coming from different backgrounds and each of them providing something unique, defining the school’s culture. The friends I have met in SFMS are from many countries such as China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam. It is such a precious opportunity to be able to study in a multinational community.

SFMS has provided me with a conducive environment to learn. I have had my perspectives widened and I realise the value of diversity of views. My belief that differences between nationalities and cultures are inconsequential is reinforced when I observe that people in SFMS readily accept one another for who they are. I really appreciate every teacher in SFMS who has been teaching and encouraging me the past few years. I hope that the school will be much blessed as it celebrates its 60th anniversary.

Sakura Awa, GCE O-Level student