Thank you for your votes! Here are the SIX photos that have won your heart.


1st Prize: Class 4C1
A St Francian is respectful
We are a vibrant international learning community. We respect each other although we come from different countries. We appreciate that everyone is unique and special.

2nd Prize: Team Gino, Enoch, Jiacheng & Zirui (2C2)
St Francians like to study hard and play hard
St Francians are helpful. St Francians love God. St Francians like to pray. St Francians like to play gentle. St Francians like to help teachers. St Francians like to study. St Francians are hardworking.
SFMS is the best school ever!



1st Prize: Class 9S1
Together, we are stronger
In our class, we help each other. We often come together to discuss and solve problems. If someone struggles with learning, a stronger one will come along to explain. We collaborate as a class to achieve our goals, because we know that together, we are stronger.
Matthew 12:25 – “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.”

2nd Prize: Phùng Du Long (10S1)
Tie your hair – raise our awareness
As members are of SFMS family, we all share our love and hardship. Encouraging others to be disciplined is the key to a proper learning environment.



1st Prize: Mr Muhammed Sabri Mahmod
St Francians showing the value of Respect towards one another as they build relationship by showing care and compassion. Having a meaningful and engaging conversation between one another is important as St Francians display appreciation that everyone is unique and special.

2nd Prize: Finance Department
“Smiley” Faces of St Francians!
Smiling faces of St Francians behind the masks.

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