In early 2015, my parents and I settled in Singapore as my father came to work here. It was a surprise to me when I had to relocate.

As a 12-year-old stepping into an unfamiliar place, I remember it was indeed a challenging experience. Thankfully, my new classmates took good care of me and treated me as their younger brother. It took me a while to adapt to the new environment, but I am glad that I persevered and have made some lifelong friends since then. I began my secondary school life with much joy although I was trying to cope with my studies and doing my best to consolidate what I was learning in English.

School life would not be fruitful if there were no non-academic activities. I joined the Soccer Interest Group in the beginning and switched to the Basketball Interest Group in Secondary Three. In addition, I’ve become a member of the Student Council and I’m happy to be able to serve the school through various avenues, for instance, helping to organise Teachers’ Day celebrations.

This is my sixth year at SFMS and I will be graduating soon. Before leaving SFMS, I would like to thank all teachers who have taught and helped me during these six years; I am deeply indebted to them.

I have had such a memorable learning journey throughout my six years at SFMS. It is wonderful that I was able approach my teachers whenever I had problems, whatever the matter. Certainly, I have no regrets joining SFMS. If I had not joined SFMS, I would not have been able to know so many wonderful friends and teachers.

I sincerely wish everyone at SFMS all the best as we celebrate our 60th anniversary.

Tung Shun Yiu Neo, IAL Student