wang yilin

I joined St Francis Methodist School (SFMS) in 2018 and graduated in November 2020. I leaned about SFMS and the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) from the local agency in my home country. I chose to study in SFMS as it has flexible teaching methods and diversified campus activities. My English ability and life skills could also be improved.

During my 2 years at SFMS, I joined the Photography interest group, Service Learning Club and the Student Council. As a student councillor, I also helped out at school events. For example, I guided guests to the dining section at a SFMS’ Thanksgiving celebration, I classified teachers’ gifts from students and presented these gifts to teachers on Teachers’ Day, and I decorated, facilitated games and was in charge of a table during a prom night event.

I also went on the school’s Overseas Service Learning trip to Vietnam, which was a memorable experience. We worked as a team to help the orphans in Vietnam paint their library and played games with them. This trip not only made me realise the importance of teamwork, but has also made me understand that it is meaningful to be actively involved in such community service activities. 

I will miss all the teachers who have taught and helped me at SFMS. Ms Eileen, who will always actively lead us to organise activities and teach us how to cooperate with each other. Ms Mahesh and Ms Wudan, my care teachers, who devoted much time and effort in managing our class. Ms Beatrice, who gave us a lot of advice about our programme and always care about our studies. My subject teachers (Mr Eric, Mr Simon, and Ms Xiaoyan) also helped me a lot in my studies, of which I am always appreciative.

When I first came to SFMS, I found it challenging to use the English learning concepts and understand the teachers’ teaching content, but my teachers were very patient. They guided and arranged extra Academic Achievement Programme (AAP) classes for me. Gradually, I improved my English and could understand the lessons.

My English skills improved significantly during my time at SFMS, and this has enabled me to achieve high scores and obtain the offer from NTU. I also believe that the teamwork skills I have gained in school will be useful in my university life.

SFMS provides various activities for students. I would encourage my juniors to participate in interest groups and school activities as these can help cultivate our social and cooperative skills. SFMS also offers different academic pathways for students with different plans for their future. The various academic programmes have different ways of learning. I believe SFMS is a good place for us to choose the academic programme we want, and I hope my juniors can make their decision by thinking carefully what they want to gain in their studying process as well as where they want to go (for further studies) in the future. 

I was very excited and surprised when I received the offer from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU)! I am grateful for the cultivation from SFMS which has helped me achieve this. 

Wang Yilin, WACE Graduate, ATAR 94.45