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I studied at SFMS for two years on the Cambridge O-level programme from 2021 to 2022. I wanted to choose an international school in Singapore because I was concerned that I could not get used to the culture here if I suddenly switched to a local school overseas. Therefore, when my friends in Singapore recommended St Francis Methodist School to me, I was surprised that there was such a place with students from various backgrounds who were all new to Singapore’s culture. Thinking that I might share similar experiences with the students here, and could get along with them more quickly, I decided to study at SFMS.

It turned out that there were more benefits than I thought. I still remember when I first came to SFMS and could not understand anything the teacher was teaching due to my weakness in English. The anxiety was so overwhelming that I could not get over it. However, the teachers here were experienced in such situations and communicated with me in simple words that I could comprehend. My classmates were also very supportive, for they had gone through this as well. With their help, I gradually got used to the new language and the culture there. 

The school has also helped me cultivate soft skills like organizational skills and presentation skills. During the past two years, I have taken on the roles of class chairperson, various subject representatives, group leader of my study group, and so on. It was challenging for me initially since I needed to manage my schoolwork and these responsibilities concurrently. I consulted one of my teachers, and she gave me a suggestion to plan everything well when I received the tasks. After some adjustment on how I organize my schedule, I found a way that suited me the most and carried it out. I kept the habit until now, which helped me get organized when multiple things are required to be done. In addition, I have also given small presentations, like our weekly book sharing session, when I needed to organize all my ideas clearly and present them in a way that was both convincing and understandable for students at all levels. I took all these presentations as opportunities to improve my logic and presentation skills. Thanks to such experiences, I will be confident enough to give a speech in front of a crowd, which I dared not do when I was younger.

One thing I like most about SFMS is the way that teachers teach. They have never asked us to learn by rote. Instead, understanding the knowledge was always the priority of learning. There was one time when we were learning a Chinese Literature article, and there was one story about the protagonist camping at Pulau Ubin. For us to comprehend the thoughts and feelings of him better, our teacher even took us there to observe the living environment of the protagonist by ourselves. That memorable experience made literature more attractive to me, and I even chose to keep studying it in junior college.

Thanks to SFMS, I successfully achieved the goal I had when I just came to Singapore, which was to enter a local junior college. I adapted to the new school very quickly, since SFMS was already offering an environment that immersed students in Singapore’s local culture and got us familiar with its education system. I am really grateful for the invaluable education and cherished memories it offered to me.

Finally, I want to say something to my juniors. Remember that the learning journey is a remarkable and transformative time in your life, so stay persistent and relentless, focus on your targets, and never quit. At the same time, do not forget to cherish the joy of growth. Wishing you achieve your goals and have great success in your endeavours ahead!

Zhou Mengting, GCE 'O' Level Top Student